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World Health Day 2015 - Food Safety Facts
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What Can You Do to Prevent Childhood Obesity?

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Each group in a community has a role to play in preventing childhood obesity. Check out these simple measures you can take to fight obesity through the different roles in your community.

What Can You Do to Prevent Childhood Obesity?

  1. 1. ‘What canyoudo to prevent CHILDHOOD OBESITY? EACH GROUP IN A COMMUNITY HAS A ROLE TO PLAY IN PREVENTING CHILDHOOD OBESITY. BELOW ARE SIMPLE STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO FIGHT OBESITY THROUGH THE DIFFERENT ROLES IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Donate money to organizations Participate in and support ‘ helping provide healthy healthy community . ’ food options and hosting activities such as charity physical activit‘e_s_. _ _ walks, runs, rides and Promote healthier food heamw f°°d_d'/ '"°5' options for employees S"pp°"§ ca" '"°'”d_° ‘. "°'"°‘"9!'“""t. s, X§. 'f;2i? i;'2i12.2‘. ?.'§f233;. . "i2?; ?2.l21°r“r; ".? n°g'2°;2§" anaadwm business catered events. nu" VIIIII Expand healthy foods Promote clinical and Institute or expand l0 isolaled and W3‘ preventative services, workplace Commlmilies including comprehensive wellness (llafllcularly weight and health programs. tI'| l'OlJ9h donations). screenings Support local Advertise the ways health coalitions . , ‘ that healthy with marketing, ~ communities outreach, and , _.—; ;_: :» Q encourage healthy resources. " u economies. Promote healthier city infrastructure. -1 III II . E Work with local businesses Encourage Chamber and policymakers to members to develop increase accessibility of workplace wellness healthy food options. programs. Portray healthy eating and Use licensed characters to active living as the norm in market healthy foods and television, film, and activities for children. advertisements. Provide network time to promote the benefits of healthy eating and living. . Increase options for healthy Work with teachers, choices at sports, movie, parents, and schools to and other educate children about entertainment venues. food and nutrition. influence food traditions by Establish or sustain a health offering cookbooks and ministry to address healthy recipes with healthier eating, active living, and options. Establish healthy . ..-; _:: . T. 'j; _~-. .___ obesity prevention in the food guidelines for potlucks *' ' context of your faith. and other functions. Help congregants make use of “community” . ‘ resources such as double SNAP dollars for produce, etc. Provide access to affordable and healthy food options Encourage community and congregant events such as through farmers markets forming walking clubs and food pantries. or youth activities. Promote clinical and Promote healthy A preventative services, behavior at home. l U including comprehensive . . *' I weight and health screenings. _,. «"" - x” IIIIII 3 II 3 . . ‘Health ‘Organizations and Medical ‘Professionals 9 Advocate for healthy Offer Continuing Medical environments Education (CME) to medical in communities. professionals about obesity prevention. Introduce routine physical E5t3b"5h 3 lam"? "3dltI°" activity for all family members. _ around an annual healthy ‘ community event such as a fun run or food drive where ,5;-_: .: ::; -;_. __g7 / all members of the family ” S f‘ can participate. Encourage schools and child care settings to have healthier food options. Introduce healthier Pursue Limit screen time. meals and snacks for prenatal-care all family members. and breastfeeding. Set standards for food Support pedestrian and bike availability and fitness at schools transportation programs and other forms and government facilities. of pedestrian—friendIy development. At the federal level, examine meal and food recommenda- tions, especially school lunches. Participate in community coalitions to prevent obesity. Monitor community health through county health departments and county health rankings. At the federal level, ensure that participants of aid programs have access to healthy food. Include healthy living and eating in the curriculum. Make physical activity a priority for students (even if there is not PE). Work to have Work with chefs and healthier and cooks in the desirable food community to get options. A ideas about . preparing healthy Educate nurses on issues Help students learn more about food of weight management by offering extracurricular activities and health. such as designing cookbooks, gardening, and forming cooking clubs. Want to know more about fighting obesity in your community? Read more about the actions you can take based on your role in the community (http: //www. uschamberfoundation. org/ report/ navigating—obesity-road—map-prevention), or learn more about how the best communities are forming coalitions to improve their health (http: //www. uschamberfoundation. org/ aligning-communities-how-four-cities-are-preventing-obesity). M QUESTIONS? Email Lawrence Bowdish (| bowdish@uschamber. com) to hear more about this infographic or the research behind it. Sources Preventing Obesity report: http: //www. uschamberfoundation. orglsites/ default/ files/ U SCCF_AligningCommunities_0.pdf O . 0 E421‘ U. $. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FOUNDATION Corporate Citizenship Center Anthem. Foundafion WWW HEALTHYAMEIUCANS GIG
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Each group in a community has a role to play in preventing childhood obesity. Check out these simple measures you can take to fight obesity through the different roles in your community.


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