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The Marketing Technology Game of Thrones

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The marketing technology landscape is at war. Can a single tool unite the kingdom, provide the personal attention your subjects are craving, and defeat the white, your competitors?

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The Marketing Technology Game of Thrones

  1. The Marketing Technology Thrones Marketing T E C H Marketing T E C H
  2. The marketing technology kingdom is at war. With new technologies seemingly added every day, marketing and sales teams are faced with dozens of tools all vying for supremacy. A Kingdom DIVIDED Marketing T E C H Marketing T E C H
  3. B I G D A T A The Kingdom A N A L Y T I C S C R M E M A I L S O C I A L S A L E S I N T E L While each technology rules over its own territory, there are often skirmishes as aspects of marketing and sales become less siloed.
  4. AND CRUSH THEM A LOOMING THREAT While this kingdom has been at war for as long as anyone can remember, it is more important for them to unite than ever. Your subjects are clamoring for more personal attention and your competitors are steadily coming from the north. Your kingdom needs to be united if you are going to meet the needs of your subjects and defeat the white, your competitors.
  5. AND CRUSH THEM THE NIGHT S WATCH As the kingdom wars, a last line of defense prepares itself: a wall of customer satisfaction. But it can only be manned by satisfied customers and evangelists. To create these evangelists and save the kingdom, you need to deliver an exceptional experience through marketing technology.
  6. HOUSES Let’s take a closer look at the warring houses and see how the right solution could bring them all together and create peace.
  7. BIG DATA Rival House: Big Data’s rise to power has provided more valuable data than ever for your sales and marketing teams. With so much insight into every touchpoint with your buyers, why would you ever need another tool? “Every decision must be data-driven.” Reporting wants to find meaning and trends within Big Data, but Big Data often resists these efforts. Reporting Reporting and Analytics has earned its spot as a dominant house in the marketing landscape. After years of being tied to other houses like email and social, it now has a formidable enough reputation to stand on its own. HOUSE WORDS: RIVAL HOUSE: Rival House: “Campaign Success? It is known.” Reporting may get along fine with Email, but it has a harder time getting Social Media to cooperate. HOUSE WORDS: RIVAL HOUSE:
  8. CRM CRM has emerged as a leader in the technology landscape, and has dominated that position for some time. Its ability to manage interactions with current and future customers has made it a vital tool for sales, marketing, and EMAIL Email has been a consistent player in the marketing landscape — and despite rumors of its decline, it doesn’t show signs of relenting anytime soon. Rival House: “New customers are coming.” CRM tracks every interaction with prospects and customers — but Big Data sure is making that hard by being so...well, big. HOUSE WORDS: RIVAL HOUSE: “If an email never gets delivered, was it ever an email at all?” Email is constantly at odds with the always-on nature of Social. With Social still finding its place in the business world, Email can’t help but feel a bit of a superiority complex. HOUSE WORDS: RIVAL HOUSE:
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA Although Social is a newer entrant to the marketing technology landscape, it didn’t take long for it to start shaking things up. Once a consumer-only platform, businesses have quickly swooped in and set up shop on every major social SALES INTEL No technology landscape would be complete without a platform to support and enable sales. Like a network of “little birds,” Sales Intel helps sales reps comb the kingdom for new subjects to add to its already impressive dominion. “Real connections, with real people, in real time.” Social can’t quite figure out how to play nice with Sales Intel. Why should it make valuable social data available for sales reps to use? HOUSE WORDS: RIVAL HOUSE: Rival House: “The eyes and ears of the kingdom.” Sales Intel has more than the occasional run-in with Social while attempting to build more meaningful relationships. HOUSE WORDS: RIVAL HOUSE:
  10. PEACE So how do you bring all of these disparate houses together? With Marketing Automation!
  11. House B I G D A T A House R E P O R T I N G House C R M House E M A I L House S O C I A L House S A L E S I N T E L With a marketing automation platform, you can unite all of this technology under one high-tech ruler. A Kingdom UNITED
  12. Marketing automation helps all of these technologies play nice with each other — no red weddings required. Turn big data into meaningful data, report on campaign success, better service your customers via email and social, enable sales with real-time insights, and integrate with your CRM to create one dominant sales and marketing kingdom. THE AUTOMATION EMPIRE AND CRUSH THEM With marketing automation occupying the iron throne, your rule will never be questioned again.
  14. RULE YOUR MARKETING KINGDOM Start your free trial of Pardot today! LEARN MORE
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The marketing technology landscape is at war. Can a single tool unite the kingdom, provide the personal attention your subjects are craving, and defeat the white, your competitors?


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