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Using Mobile Technology to Improve the Travel Experience



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Technology and data are at the heart of your ability to provide the customer with a seamless travel experience from the moment they leave the house to the moment they return. In this session we explore how to use mobile to enhance the guest experience at every step of the way.

- Take the stress out of traveling - use the latest technology to ease the pain of travel and guide the customer to their destination
- Learn how to use beacons to contextualize customer communications and ensure you add value" to the journey by pushing out useful information at the right time
- Use the latest technology to maximize on-trip mobile interactions and answer customer queries
- Updates in guest technology - mobile check-in, to door locks, kid tracking on cruise ships - which ease customer pain points?
- How is In-flight technology evolving?
- What information do customers really want to receive when traveling?

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Using Mobile Technology to Improve the Travel Experience

  1. 1. Empowering the
  2. 2. Canada’s 2nd Largest & Most Preferred Airline 85+ Destinations, 100+ Aircraft 9th Largest Carrier in North America Manoj Jasra Digital Director, WestJet
  3. 3. Stress Free Travel
  4. 4. Overview Contextual Experiences Deep-linking Intelligent Integrations Leveraging Data Clear Communication
  5. 5. Communication Considerations Growth of social messaging continues to sky rocket New channels for support and marketing have emerged Preferences vary across countries and demographics
  6. 6. Research & Booking
  7. 7. I should be able to research & book however I want to I expect the experience to be intuitive and quick I expect you to remember me I don’t want to be treated like everyone else Guest Expectations
  8. 8. Multi-Screen Experience 156M People Engage with Travel Content Across Platforms
  9. 9. Personas and Audiences “The Business Traveler” “The Thrifty Traveler” “The Family Traveler” “The Experience Traveler”
  10. 10. Pre Trip
  11. 11. Pre Trip Day of trip = day of frenzy Time to leave, time / map to airport Transportation / Parking Checklist (personal items, travel documents, etc…)
  12. 12. At the Airport
  13. 13. At Airport Way Finding / iBeacons Key Information: Boarding Passes, Flight Status, Gates Security lines Time until next event
  14. 14. In Flight
  15. 15. In Flight Airlines are innovating Enhanced Experiences Bring your own device Content / Streaming Media WiFi Payment Onboard
  16. 16. Thank You