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Transforming Information Literacy for Today’s K-12 Learners Through the Lenses of Transliteracy, Inquiry, and Participatory Learning



Libraries and Transliteracy

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Libraries and Transliteracy

  1. Libraries and Transliteracy Bobbi L. Newman
  2. For years libraries have focused on literacy, the ability to read, write and interact.
  3. People need to be literate in order to be involved in and contribute to society.
  4. Access to information was through the written word.
  5. Libraries took up the call for literacy.
  6. Times are changing.
  7. It is no longer enough to focus solely on the ability to read and write.
  8. Technology is evolving rapidly.
  9. Our patrons need us to change.
  10. Libraries need to take on the task of ensuring all people are transliterate.
  11. Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media.
  12. Soon people will need to be transliterate in order to be involved in and contribute to society.
  13. It is already happening.
  14. Facebook privacy settings are complex and change frequently.
  15. It is not just on the fun sites.
  16. Government agencies are no longer issuing print forms.
  17. Banks are sending alerts and account balance information via text messages.
  18. Your health insurance plan has a website and you have an account.
  19. The price of computers is dropping allowing more people to own one.
  20. Free WiFi access points are increasing, allowing more people internet access.
  21. For many people these are new experiences.
  22. Experiences they can have with no training, no supervision and no support.
  23. If we only focus on literacy we are failing our patrons.
  24. In order to best serve our patrons we need to move from literacy to transliteracy.
  25. How do we shift our focus to transliteracy?
  26. Talk with your coworkers and colleagues about it.
  27. Talk with your patrons about it.
  28. Add it to your strategic plan, mission statement and goals.
  29. Commit to it.
  30. For more information on transliteracy visit
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