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Part 2 - Pow, Boom, Wham! Sales apps that give you super powers

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Part 2 - Pow, Boom, Wham! Sales apps that give you super powers

  1. 1. Pow, Boom, Wham …Sales apps thatgive you superpowers. Monica Alonso! Brought to you by! Golden Gekko Product Manager 1
  2. 2. Agenda!   Applification!   Recognizing the right sales apps!   Q&A 2
  3. 3. Applification apps listed on iTunes“There’s an app for that” under Productivity!   Jumping from app-to-app is time consuming and distracting to clients!   Sales and marketing material is not easily shared across the organization!   Follow-ups are time consuming when copy/pasting notes and attaching files!   Notes and emails do not get into the CRM automatically 3
  4. 4. Weakens the business caseCan’t grasp the full potential. No collection No branded No security of data environment Organizations with 3, 1-hour, meetings a 50% of tablets are successful day is 660 hours a not password protected implementation of year you miss out analytics see Employees leave there is exposing clients to 12x profit growth your brand material everywhereSource: Vertic 2012, Gartner 2012 4
  5. 5. Have 1B$ in thebank? new In Dallas, TexasThat’s the sum invested by GE mobile solutions centerin mobile software. of excellence!   The group has already built dozens “GE has some of the best of apps for in-house use and created technologies in the world, and now an internal app store we have the mobile platform to do something different.”!   “Not just for email, but for scheduling, Watch video productivity, and getting content anywhere. Before iPhone, travel and meetings always required a laptop. Now we’re no longer tethered to our See other profiles location.”Source: Wall Street Journal (2011) 5
  6. 6. How torecognize theright sales app?We came up with an acronym (very 80s!). 6
  7. 7. S calableU ser engagementProblem basedE qual valueR oi 7
  8. 8. Scalable It could take at least 6-months and 200K to develop a bespoke app.Feature set Time !   SaaS model !   Minimal strain on resources !   Maintenance included !   Ongoing product development !  Self management !  Integrate existing systems !  Stand alone !  Easy-to-use !  Ability to pilot Money 8
  9. 9. User engagement64% of employees use enterprisesoftware never or rarely. User Engagement Employee value Business value 7 User engagement !  Simple Never 13 is an excellent !  Saves me time Rarely way to get more !  Intuitive 45 Sometimes return on a 16 enterprise app Often investments. Always 19 Deloitte (2012) Key recommendations !   Make it easy and fun !   Solve pain points !   Seamless, integrated experience !   Liberate user from device dependency,Source: Lean Software (2010) using cloud-based content sync 9
  10. 10. Problem based Why do your sales reps spend GREAT ! 74% of their scott time NOT selling?   16% spent on sales prep 26% dedicated to admin tasks 26%Source: SAP (2011) travel and waiting 10
  11. 11. Equal valueCEO Sales Marketing IT & IS 14 want more customer intelligence % 74 % of their time is wasted not selling 78 of presentations are never or only sometimes used % 50 of companies experience data breach % Gartner (2012) SAP (2011) Firebrick Consulting (2012) Symatec (2012)Must have•  Secure •  Always have access •  Branded •  Secure•  Integrated with existing (online/offline) •  Centralized resources •  Integrated with existing systems •  Login credentials •  Integrated with CRM systems•  Useful in my business •  “Wow” clients •  Minimal maintenance•  Branded •  BrandedShould have•  Fast ROI •  Avoid double entry •  Understand which •  Plug & play•  Control •  Self management material is used most •  Satisfies needs of all•  Track customer •  Notifications •  Stats on individual and departments impressions group level •  Control 11
  12. 12. RoiYour organization’s time to value.Step 1 Total Consists of … Bite the bullet fixed and variable Hardware or BYOD investment Software 3G (optional) MDM and MAM (optional)Step 2 Measure Value of time savings … Kill the “time suckers” cost savings Working while travelling Meeting prep Updating CRM Marketing “waste”Step 3 Forecast With the new free time …Source More face time with new sales Additional client meetings clients Average deal size Conversion rate 12
  13. 13. Q&ADon’t be shy. 13
  14. 14. What’s next?To thank you for participating we are going toforward you a copy of the “Roi Calculator” andsome other helpful links. 14
  15. 15. Thank you!For more information feel free to email us
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