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Agency Presentation typovision GmbH
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Articul agency presentation

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Articul agency presentation

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Articul agency presentation

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Executive summary • Year founded 2001 • 1000 projects completed • 300 happy clients • 100 software developers: mobile, web , high load, cloud, e-commerce • UX design • Motion design • Top of Apple Store Made in Russian • Russian quality at competitive rates - $30 - $60 • Competence to deliver large projects (Olympic Games - • Notable iOS apps - We are reliable partner in software development for digital agency 2
  3. 3. our clients and awards 3
  4. 4. testimonials 4
  5. 5. sochi2014 5 Games Time site: • 680 million page views • 140 million visits to • 60 million unique users • 175 thousand concurrent users • 5 min 35 sec average visit time (desktop + mobile traffic) Social Media: • 15 accounts • 13 billion tweets and posts in social networks Mobile: • 2 apps: Guide and Results • 6.5 million downloads • 39% of all traffic from mobile devices Pre-Games: • 48 Products / launches / campaigns Scope of work • Business Requirements • IA & Design • Look & Feel • Accessibility & Usability • Content Production & Management • SEO/Promo • Social Media Channels • Mobile Media Channels • Communications Campaigns
  6. 6. sochi2014 6
  7. 7. Team 7
  8. 8. 8 A full service digital agency: strategy, creative, production, research lab, media service, SMM and analytics
  9. 9. articul media - 9 marketing in the digital era
  10. 10. our role • The digital media is a vast and diverse expanse of channels and tools for communication between brands and their audience • We create solutions that take full advantage of digital medial potential for the benefit of our clients’ business 10 total number of hours of communication between consumers and our clients’ brands in six months of 2014
  11. 11. our story 11
  12. 12. • We are honest with the client and with ourselves, which is why we propose the solutions that truly are valuable for the client’s business, and we never promise something we cannot do • We value real knowledge, experience and expertise, and do not like words without action • We are not afraid of difficult and ambitious projects, and we know how to handle them • We work fast, at the speed of the new digital world our principles 12
  13. 13. Our “3D” approach to project management allows us to control and administer projects of any level of difficulty how we work 13 Account manager The main representative of the client in the agency Daily control of the client’s projects Intra-agency producer of the project Organizing the work of agency subdivisions and subcontractors during the stage of project implementation Supervisor The most experienced curator of the client, a member of the agency’s top management High-level control of the client’s projects Project manager
  14. 14. how we work 14 Testing Analytics Creative Promotion: media, SMM, content marketing Development Strategic planning Project management Fine-tuned project methodology allows us to make all activity transparent and expedited
  15. 15. our services
  16. 16. development We have been creating web and mobile platforms since 2001. A fine-tuned technical process and established system of project management allow us to complete projects of any level of difficulty • We work with different technologies and CMS. We have vast experience of working with high-load systems and e-commerce projects • We have our own innovations laboratory where we test all the new technologies that the digital media today cannot exist without • We provide technical support for projects at all stages of their life. 24x7 technical support, including administration and partner hosting • Our experience and expertise have been proven by 5 years of work on the Sochi-2014 project, for which we have created more than 10 web systems • 16 Several levels of SLA Magento Silver partner Microsoft Our services:
  17. 17. • php, asp, Java, C/C++/Objective-C, Javascript, • High Load • Framework: magento, Orchard, kohana, Symphony • MySql, MSSql, Oracle, mongoDB • Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows 17 development • Smart TV • git • Social App • Video, Motion • Flash, HTML 5 • Microsoft Azure • e-commerce Our services:
  18. 18. creative • Our bright ideas are always thought-out, comprehensive creative solutions that utilize several channels of communication 18 Our services:
  19. 19. We know how to find the right contact points for users and brands in digital media, and we know what tools to apply in order to engage the audience in communication with the brands. We know how to form the most efficient mix of media tools – from the point of view of solving the client’s tasks and economic efficiency. 19 Promotion in digital media Services: • Media market audit, analysis of audience media preferences, competition analysis, audit of brand’s past activities • Strategic and tactic media planning • Developing integrated strategies • E-commerce strategies and performance marketing (CPA, CPO) • Media buying (display advertising, context, RTB, special projects) • Managing campaigns in real time • Post-campaign analysis Our services:
  20. 20. 20 content marketing&smm We know how to create unique content that meets all the needs of our clients, from viral videos to infographics. Our content always resonates most with the target audience of the brand, ensuring a unique style of its presence in social networks and other digital media We are good at: • Creating strategies of brand presence in social media • Determining the best possible content policy • Creating interesting content: text, graphics, videos • Conducting promo events and activities in social media • Organizing support for brand communities in all social networks • Analyzing results by using the world’s best metrics • Leading projects on reputation management of our clients’ brands Our services:
  21. 21. We understand the consumer, we transform this understanding into practical action plans for brands in digital media, we direct and inspire the agency’s creative teams to generate bright and effective solutions The agency’s strategic products: strategic planning 21 Digital Immersion • Understanding digital communications in the contexts of individual brand and individual category • Forming a single understanding for the client’s whole digital marketing team • A quick progression to the action plan for the brand’s digital communications Digital Audit • Identifying problem areas in the client’s current digital solutions • Forming an action plan for solving these problems Strategic client support • Communication strategies: • Digital strategies • Integrated strategies • Mobile strategies • SMM and content marketing strategies • Website strategies • Strategic client support Our services:
  22. 22. аnalitics We are not scared by numbers and arrays of data. We know how to properly collect them, and how to discover valuable trends, patterns and connections in them. In the digital era, you have to be the best at working with data in order to prevail. Analytical services: • Auditing website efficiency • Monitoring presence in social media • Research: market, competitive environment, consumers • Communication efficiency models (conversions, KPI, ROI) • Analyzing campaign efficiency – during and post-campaigns 22 Our services:
  23. 23. our reasons to be proud more than 300clients more than 1000projects
  24. 24. thank you! Denis Slabakov +7 926 011 0909 Skype: dslabakov

Articul agency presentation


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