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BigML Education - Introduction



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Take a brief tour of the BigML interface. Learn how to work with resources and navigate the BigML Dashboard.

BigML Education - Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction to the BigML Interface June 2017
  2. 2. BigML Education Program 2Introduction In This Video • What is a “resource”? • List View • Resource View • Searching and Deleting Resources • Changing Resource Metadata (name, description, etc.) • Grouping resources into projects
  3. 3. BigML Education Program 3Introduction BigML Resources • A BigML resource is anything that you create on the platform • Datasets • Models • Scripts • Many others • Working with BigML is working with these resources • Examining them for data insights • Using them to create other resources
  4. 4. BigML Education Program 4Introduction Introduction The List View
  5. 5. BigML Education Program 5Introduction Introduction The Resource View
  6. 6. BigML Education Program 6Introduction Introduction Changing Resource Metadata
  7. 7. BigML Education Program 7Introduction Introduction Projects
  8. 8. BigML Education Program 8Introduction Review • A BigML resource is anything that you create on the platform • The list view allows you to view all resources of a certain type • The resource view lets you examine and leverage the resources you’ve created • The “more info” panel allows you to change resource metadata • Resources can be grouped into projects