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How to Write Clickass Presentations that Convert

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LinkedIn SlideShare keynote author Barry Feldman shares his secrets for writing presentations that convert viewers to leads.

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How to Write Clickass Presentations that Convert

  1. HOW TO WRITE Clickass 
 PresentationsTHAT CONVERT
  2. Who,What&Why
  3. Whodoyouthinkyou’retalkingto? Can you describe your reader in detail? You need to know what keeps 
 him or her up at night.
  4. Success=? Establish an objective. What will your measure of success be?
  5. Click here to 
  6. Developyourvalueproposition. Be ready to answer why, why, why. Articulate precisely how you can deliver life-changing value.
  7. Research&Preparation
  8. Createalistofquestions. Give your research a sense of purpose. Make a list of items you need to know more about.
  9. Doresearchintherealworld. Listen, read, watch, observe. Take advantage of the 
 greatest market research tool ever: social media.
  10. Tuneintoexperts. Who knows the turf best? Pick their brains. Take notes. Make connections.
  11. Makealist. Outlines will help. List the primary and secondary points 
 you want to cover.
  12. Research hacks Amazon book Udemy course
  13. Prioritize. Order your messages. Musts. Details. Background material.
  14. TitleorHeadline
  15. Writeanirresistibletitle. Uncover the benefit. How to _________________________.
  16. H-E-A-D-L-I-N-E-S. Grab my cheat sheet. Watch the brief video.
  17. > Get this stuff 9 Unforgettable Tips for Writing Headlines that Work
  18. WritingYourDeck
  19. Beperfectlyclear. What led your audience to your presentation? Connect the “before” to the “now.” Don’t let cleverness trump clarity.
  20. Clever vs. Clear And the winner is… clear.
  21. Openwithempathy. Show readers you get them from the get-go. Visualize the reader’s head nodding.
  22. Stayfocusedonthereader. Your reader isn’t just who you’re talking to. He or she is who you’re talking about.
  23. Don’tassumetheyknowwhatyoudo. Remember you’re the expert; not the reader. Great teachers simplify stuff.
  24. Overcomeobjections. Anticipate the “Yes, but…” response. Speak to each of these.
  25. Includepersonalstories. People like to read about people. Give them characters to relate to.
  26. Usestatsandfacts. Enhance your argument with objective data. Find credible sources and cite them.
  27. Offerexamples. Examples add substance and cred to your story. They make it more interesting too.
  28. Style
  29. oil Writeinfirstandsecondperson. “You” and “your” are powerful words. Generic labels and company names are not.
  30. oil Invokeemotions. Decisions are based on emotions. Touch them.
  31. oil
  32. oil Writeconcisely. Slides should be easy to consume. Keep them brief. Aim for a singular idea.
  33. oil
  34. oil Activateyourcopy. Verbs give your pitch power. Adjectives often interfere.
  35. oil
  36. oil Havefun. Your copy stops working when it feels like work. Have fun with your copy and it’ll be fun to read.
  37. oil Usehumor. Lighten up. You don’t need to be a comedian. Be yourself.
  38. oil
  39. oil Declutter. Edit ruthlessly. Find the fat and chop it.
  40. Conversion
  41. oil Deliverareasontorespondnow. You’re seldom going to transform a reader’s beliefs. Your real goal is to get them to act now.
  42. oil Offerexclusivity. Inspire greater desire. Make your offer exclusive or limited.
  43. oil Callforaction. Tell the reader what to do next. Be specific.
  44. oil
  45. oil Removerisk. When you can remove risk, do it. When you can’t, reduce it.
  46. Nowhere’sanawesomeoffer…
  47. Click here to 
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 Go forth and clickass.
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LinkedIn SlideShare keynote author Barry Feldman shares his secrets for writing presentations that convert viewers to leads.


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