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The Workforce Engages

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This space-themed SlideShare shows how intranet analytics can help you increase adoption and engagement of your intranet.

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The Workforce Engages

  1. © 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  2. 2© 2016 Webtrends, Inc. ACCOMPLISHMOREWITHYOURINTRANET... As your workforce evolves into teams that are spread across the galaxies far far away, on any number of devices, and dependent on technology to collaborate and share knowledge, it’s critical to optimize your intranet.
  3. EPISODEI Employees can’t remember their passwords 40% of people use the “forgot password” feature at least once a month click to tweet 3© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  4. Consider using an identity management single sign-on application Tag the login page so that you can see via analytics exactly where and how often problems are occurring RESOLUTION Make logging in as easy as possible! 4© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  5. EPISODEII Employees can’t find the content they’re looking for 45% of people spend three hours or more per week searching for information on an intranet click to tweet 5© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  6. RESOLUTION Simplify! Track where employees drop off Don’t let your site get cluttered — cut what people don’t read Don’t bury content more than a couple clicks deep 6© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  7. 31% of employees rarely or never contribute to Intranet 2.0 tools 22% of intranets fail because of “lack of executive support” $450-550 billion lost in the U.S. due to active disengagement in their jobs EPISODEIII Engagement is lacking click to tweet click to tweet click to tweet 7© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  8. RESOLUTION Get company leaders on board and identify champions who are not management # 8© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  9. RESOLUTION Get company leaders on board and identify champions who are not management • Create a group that meets for 30 minutes every two weeks to update the home page • Offer exclusive content on the intranet that can’t be found elsewhere • If you can afford it, have a community manager • If international employee engagement is especially low, customize content and language for them — and consider a committee in international regions 9© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  10. EPISODEIV You have no idea what employees are doing 26% of organizations do not know the user traffic of their intranets What are you up to? click to tweet 10© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  11. RESOLUTION Use analytics to analyze your site search data and look at traffic by department What pages are they looking at? Who is uploading, downloading and collaborating? Which content do people engage with most? 11© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  12. EPISODEV Out-of-date your intranet looks 49% of organizations have had an intranet for more than 10 years Fresh Intranet 1997 Feedback have you, on PDF I sent? 1, 44 MB800 KB Raspberry 1, 44 M B 800 K B click to tweet 12© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  13. RESOLUTION If your intranet looks the same as it did 10 years ago, put a process in place to make periodic design updates 13© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  14. EPISODEVI The user experience on mobile is poor NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 81% of organizations say mobile access to the intranet is poor or very poor click to tweet 14© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  15. RESOLUTION Ensure your intranet offers a good experience on different devices and browsers PLAY Impressive! Most Impressive... 15© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  16. EPISODEVII Employees complain and complain ..?..? 16© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  17. RESOLUTION Make your intranet great through design, testing and measurement • Make the UX as simple and clear as possible • Test with staff and determine their expectations • Quickly take action on user feedback and analytics data Learn More Measure Your SharePoint Intranet 17© 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
  18. Some icons are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license and changes have been made. All other artwork © Webtrends 2015 Sources © 2016 Webtrends, Inc.
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This space-themed SlideShare shows how intranet analytics can help you increase adoption and engagement of your intranet.


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