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Bulb Agency Presentation_Vitalis

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Bulb Agency Presentation_Vitalis

  1. 1. Window Display Virtual Assistant Big projects Exhibition and Event Solutions Touch Screen Displays Video production Augmented reality
  2. 2. “…She is perhaps the perfect employee. For in addition to her impec- cable manners, she never takes a break to go to the bathroom or for a cigarette; she never calls in sick, or tells off an obstreperous member of the public when pushed too far.” “…James Denselow, Brent’s lead member for customers and citizens, said: "This is the sort of space age technology you hear about but never really expect to see, especially in council buildings.” Virtual Assistant
  3. 3. Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistant Virtual assistant creates the illusion of a real person that brings consistent and clear messages to life and is one the most innovative promotional products available today. High visibility and totally bespoke, its applications are endless – public sector, exhibitions, conferences, airports, retail, point of sale, hotel receptions, education, even security. Guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, virtual assistant substantially increases revenue, delivers consistent messaging 24/7 in any language.
  4. 4. Virtual Assistant "…We just want to have a more effective way to communicate with our customers. … She's an attention-grabber and is much more effective than some of the signs and some of the videos we have." Virtual Assistant „Asta” video at Litexpo/Vilnius Virtual Assistant „Asta” video at Philip Morris/Klaipeda Or a customer could tap in what they were planning to serve and the virtual assistant could suggest a suitable bottle from the aisle, or maybe highlight what was on promotion that week. There are myriad possibilities for supermarkets." Virtual Assistant
  5. 5. Virtual AssistantWindow Display Unique technology turning shop windows in to an interactive and noticeable window displays. Window displays can be used as TV screen to demonstrate video clips, product catalogue or promotion campaigns 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are two technologies used to create interactive window display: LED screens or special projection film together with video projector.
  6. 6. Exhibition and Event Solutions Bulb agency creates and implements new technologies in advertising. Bulb agency can help to maximise trade show return on investment with innovative exhibit design, high quality displays and graphics. SOLUTIONS: Interactive booth design / Interactive touch screen display and projections / Interactive presentations and product catalogues / Interactive games / Large format LED projection screens / Video production / Custom programing /
  7. 7. Interactive remote control with Kinect technology and rear projection Showroom video at Gala TV Litexpo/ Vilnius Showroom video at “Linas Agro”/Kaunas Interactive touch screen remote control, 4k video movie theater & surround sound system Showroom
  8. 8. 2014 m. Interactive video cub at WIX office opening event/Vilnius In International company WIX Lithuanian office opening event, BULB Agency created interactive video decorations, games and mapping of the office building facade. WIX office was opened by Mayor of Vilnius city and other honourable guests by pushing interactive button. During the event there was video cube with specially designed animations, video puzzle, controlled using “kinect” technology, and facade of the office was decorated with video mapping. Exhibition and Event Solutions
  9. 9. Interactive Trade Show Displays The best way to create visual interaction is through a touch screen in- terface. Touch screen displays are the ultimate communication medium for trade show booths. All of our touch screens are custom programmed to match each client’s needs.
  10. 10. CLIENTS: Video production Bulb agency provides a full range of video services: TV video production; Presentation and advertising video; Video for companies. In order to meet each client’s needs we are able to build a team from few professionals to a full film crew. LOGIN Highlights 2014 LAUMA lingerie A/W 2013-2014
  11. 11. Augmented reality 3D animation Restaurant for children “Kuku Muku” / Vilnius Augmented reality 3D animation Restaurant for children “Kuku Muku” / Vilnius Augmented reality Augmented reality is a live view of a physical, real-world environment that is modified by a computer. BULB Agency develops and implements augmented reality projects using wireless video and audio system.
  12. 12. Big projects 2012 m. Dance celebration “Children of time” Siemens Arena/Vilnius
  13. 13. 2013 Official Opening Ceremony of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU/Vilnius In 2011. Baltic students' song and dance Festival “Gaudeamus XVI”/Vilnius Our Video mapping or LED display solutions enable you to deliver high impact imaginative solutions, engaging customers and enhancing audience experience whatever the event. Our solutions are usually used in big concert halls, squares, also at TV show shooting stages. Big projects
  14. 14. 2012 Dance celebration “Children of time”, which was held in the Siemens Arena. There were 5000 dancers dancing on stage. Bulb Agency programmed and controlled powerful video servers, our team collaborating with vj Vesta & Videoprojektai team has designed and managed the video scenography including 300m2 of LED and 1800 m2 of multi-projection. The event was broadcast live on national television LRT televizija, LRT Lituanica. Image footage of DELFI.LT Internet news portal: To watch please click the link: 2013 Official Opening Ceremony of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU which was attended by key officials of the European Union: European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, President of Lithuania Dalia Grybaus- kaite. Ceremony video of National television LRT televizija. LINK: Bulb Agency collaborating with Screenservice JSC programmed and managed video servers, LED projections, and other installations. Image footage of DELFI.LT Internet news portal: To watch please click the link: Big projects
  15. 15. Video footage of “Video Camp” In 2011. Baltic students' song and dance festival „Gaudeamus XVI“. Event closing was broadcast live on Lithuanian National television LRT televizija. There was 3D video projection on the whole facade of the Town Hall of Vilnius demonstrated. Bulb Agency collaborating with Recream vj’s created a video graphics, designed by the projection of City Hall facade, programmed and managed video servers. Big projects
  16. 16. Contacts General Manager Vitalis Mika Mob + 370 677 45075 / JSC „Wanted LT“ Company code 302573756 VAT LT100008572510 Address Savanoriu pr. 178F, Vilnius, Lithuania


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