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Beyond the
Gig Economy
How New Technologies Are
Reshaping the Future of Work | 2016
By Jon Lieber, Chief Economist, Thumbt...
The Old Economy
The labor market in the 20th century was based
around large employers and the manufacturing
industry, but ...
The Economy of the Future
Smaller businesses are playing a bigger role than
ever, as more Americans are finding work in the...
The 21st Century’s Economic Challenge
This shift has produced a bifurcation in the labor
market; those without college deg...
Divergent Paths in the New Economy
The New Path to the Middle Class
Skilled professionals — those with the know-how to do
a specialized, non-routine job in a...
The Rise of Skilled Pros & Non-Routine Jobs
Non-Routine Jobs: The Jobs of the Future
Cognitive Manual
• Bookkeepers
• Dispatchers
• Customer service reps
• Se...
Unpacking the “Gig Economy”
Marketplaces provide consumers with specialized
services from skilled professionals. This give...
The Benefits of Skill-Based Marketplaces
The Challenges Skills Pros Face
Online marketplaces are more than 4 times more cost-
effective than offline marketing in introducing skilled
pros to new cu...
Where Are Workers Using Marketplaces?
We used Twitter data as a proxy for adoption rates in
different markets, based on th...
Marketplaces Are More Widely Adopted
How Policymakers Can Help Skilled Pros
1. Invest in developing skills outside of educational institutions.
• Example: the ...
1. As we finalize a transition to a service-based economy, workers
are presented with new challenges, but also n...
Jon Lieber is Thumbtack's Chief
Economist and head of policy research,
studying trends in the labor market,
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The gig economy and the future of work
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The Benefits of Skill-Based Marketplaces Beyond the Gig Economy: How New Technologies Are Reshaping the Future of Work

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The Benefits of Skill-Based Marketplaces

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The Benefits of Skill-Based Marketplaces


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