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Genius Recipe for Homemade Soup

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This cookbook is a little different, it is part of a cunning plan! Easy soup recipe with numerous ways to vary it.

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Genius Recipe for Homemade Soup

  1. 1. “Homemade Soup is No Place for Narrow Dogmatism” Robert Farrar Capon
  2. 2. This has nothing to do with religion! Robert Farrar Capon, an interesting guy who was an Episcopal Minister, Professor of Dogmatic Theology AND an Exuberant Foodie writing in America in 1969 went further, he said … “Homemade soup is no place for narrow dogmatism. Do anything that comes into your head except over salt. It is impossible to go wrong.” And … “Soups, whose variety is only limited by the length of a man’s life!” My thoughts exactly, only better expressed!
  3. 3. Soup is so easy to make, so delicious, so comforting and luckily I know a very simple, very flexible method of making it which is the foundation for delicious soups beyond number and is something you really need to have in your repertoire. With this method you certainly can “do anything that comes into your head except over salt.” and it can be used to create an incredible range of soups, from simple Leek and Potato to Caribbean Callaloo, Caldo Verde, Cullen Skink and even some soups that don’t begin with the letter C!
  4. 4. It is good for Vegetable Soups e.g.
  5. 5. Makes great Bean Soups such as …
  6. 6. … and Cheese Soups …
  7. 7. It makes great Meaty Soups …
  8. 8. Gorgeous Fish Soups …
  9. 9. Plus Soups from Around the World!
  10. 10. I know what you’re thinking …
  11. 11. Genius! And you’d be right. There are many really good recipes out there which are dubbed “genius” and some of them are indeed brilliant. For me, however, to deserve the accolade ‘genius’ a recipe should be more than delicious, or even healthy, quick, easy etc.; for me the thing that makes a recipe genius is flexibility. This is one such recipe …
  12. 12. So I wrote a book … See a great preview including the genius recipe here. It contains 60+ delicious soup recipes based on the one easy, flexible key recipe BUT there is much more than just recipes in this book. It also contains …
  13. 13. Guidance on … ~ using different fats, ~ making chunky, mashed, smooth and very smooth soups, ~ garlic – 5 ways, ~ adding herbs, spices, and other flavourings, ~ dairy additions – cream, cheese, yogurt, crème fraiche etc. ~ incorporating ready made sauces such as soy or mustard, and ~ even alcohol!
  14. 14. Instructions for stock making. Not absolutely essential, of course, as there are good bouillon cubes, powders and stock pots on the market. It is, however, a useful skill; it is easy, economical as it uses up lots of scraps and it tastes even better than bought in!
  15. 15. Ancillary Recipes … For instance …
  16. 16. Garnishes Such as …
  17. 17. Lots of Crouton Information! Including some important “rules”!
  18. 18. And even what to do with Leftovers! That might surprise you! E.g.
  19. 19. Plus All The Hints and Tips … I can think of to help you Create Your Own Fabulous Soups
  20. 20. Read more here See a great preview here Or just buy the bugger here! See all my books on Amazon here Twitter ~ @SuddenLunch My foodie blog ~ Sudden Lunch Thank you for reading this – please share. So …

This cookbook is a little different, it is part of a cunning plan! Easy soup recipe with numerous ways to vary it.


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