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Visualising Data with Code
Visualising Data with Code
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Brief Intro to Data Visualisation



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Intro to data vis slides from first the Data VIsualisation Melbourne meetup.

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Brief Intro to Data Visualisation

  1. 1. A Brief Introduction to Data Visualisation Data Visualisation Melbourne
  2. 2. to communicate data to people graphically and in a meaningful way. The main goal of data visualisation is to clearly convey information and to make complex data accessible. def:
  3. 3. Science Art Data Visualisation is interdisciplinary Graphic Design Information Design Journalism Data Science Computer Science Statistics Creative Coding Cartography
  4. 4. Big Data People?????Data Visualisation
  5. 5. “Data”
  6. 6. Data vis = Art
  7. 7. Data vis = Storytelling
  8. 8. Data vis = Spacial
  9. 9. Data vis = Product Gephi Fitbit NASA
  10. 10. Florence Nightingale
  11. 11. Edward Tufte Data Integrity: do not distort what the data has to say Data:ink ratio: visual elements convey as much data as possible Avoid chartjunk: non-informative elements that distract from the data Substance over methodology or production SparklinesSmall Multiples
  12. 12. Hand-crafted Generated Tools Tableau Highcharts Many Eyes Excel R Gephi (network) CartoDB (mapping) TileMill (mapping) D3 (web) Processing Nodebox Raphael Illustrator Pen & Paper
  13. 13.
  14. 14.