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San Miguel de Allende Vacation Rental

Beautiful, one-BR San Miguel apt for rent. One week minimum. Great light. High ceilings. Safe neighborhood. Tastefully decorated. Lots of amenities. 15-minute walk to Centro.

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San Miguel de Allende Vacation Rental

  1. 1. Welcome to Our Beautiful Abode in San Miguel de Allende Alameda 1A, Colonia San Antonio
  2. 2. As you enter, a fabulous garden awaits you with ancient hand-carved statuary, huge trees, plants, flowers, and sunlight.
  3. 3. It feels a lot like a secret garden.
  4. 4. The wall around the garden is famous in San Miguel for its beauty and uniqueness. It was build by a man named “Jesus”, who was the father of the current owner of the Hacienda. There are eight apartments on the property – three of which are inhabited by friends of ours.
  5. 5. All of the mystical statues in the garden were sculpted by the original owner, Jesus.
  6. 6. The entrance to our apartment is grand! All of the bas-relief around the windows are hand-carved and the borders are hand-painted.
  7. 7. Beautiful stone work covers the pathways all around the garden. There are places of sun, shade, and silence for everyone’s pleasure.
  8. 8. The magical garden is swept, watered and nurtured, with love, four times a week.
  9. 9. To add to the lush greenery, on our balconies grow three bougainvillers, four geraniums, a basil plant, and a rosemary plant.
  10. 10. Symbols of love and devotion are everywhere in the garden. The statues are the expression of the original owner’s love for God and his dear wife, Teresita, a woman in her 80’s who lives right up the street.
  11. 11. Meet Teresita to whom the garden is dedicated!
  12. 12. The neighbors are very friendly and the surrounding area is quiet & safe.
  13. 13. INSIDE the APARTMENT
  14. 14. The 900 square foot apartment is colorful, light-filled, romantic, comfortable, with many artistic touches. Here is the king size bed.
  15. 15. It’s a great place to relax, listen to the birds and enjoy the light breezes blowing through the three French doors.
  16. 16. On the living room side, there is a comfortable day bed, chair, and couch in front of the cozy fireplace.
  17. 17. In the evening, the lighting is warm and welcoming. Good cross-ventilation and a ceiling fan ensures your comfort.
  18. 18. The kitchen is filled with light, has great views, and has everything you need to cook.
  19. 19. For the creative side of you, there is an artist’s table with easel and chair waiting for you in the perfect light of day.
  20. 20. Traditional Mexican tiles adorn the light-filled bathroom. The cabinets are hand- painted to match the tiles. The towels are plush.
  21. 21. The afternoon light that filters through the colorful curtains warms the heart and soul. .
  22. 22. The Mexican lamp purchased at a nearby Artisan’s market creates fascinating patterns on the brightly colored walls.
  23. 23. The apartment faces the garden and is totally safe and private.
  24. 24. AMENITIES • Free wi-fi • Gas stove in kitchen • Plush linen • Gorgeous lighting at night • Towels (including beach towels for hot springs) • Toaster oven • Blender • Coffee maker • Citrus juicer • Pots, dishes, and utensils • Filtered water dispenser • Rolling gas heater • Rolling electric heater • Extra blankets • Hair dryer • Soap
  25. 25. The Town of San Miguel de Allende (Voted the Best City in the World by Conde Naste – 2013)
  26. 26. Almost everything is in walking distance. The picturesque streets are made of cobblestone. Taxis are $2.40 to anyplace in town.
  27. 27. The town square is the hub of this beautiful city.
  28. 28. Entire books have been written about the “doors of San Miguel.”
  29. 29. The weather is great all year round. The altitude is 6,000 feet.
  30. 30. This is a place of celebration, parades, larger-than- life puppets, and a vital street life.
  31. 31. Lots of gorgeous ninos and friendly locals.
  32. 32. It’s a costume party AND a “come- as-you-are” party at the same time.
  33. 33. There are beggars on the street, but there is no hustle or aggression . The feeling of community , humanity, and respect on the streets is palpable.
  34. 34. RENTAL FEES May 1 – August 31 • 1 week: $413 ($59//day) • 2 weeks: $686 ($49/day) • 3 weeks: $819 ($39/day) • 4 weeks: $1,020 ($34/day) September 1 – April 30 • 1 week: $504 ($72/day) • 2 weeks: $882 ($63/day) • 3 weeks: $1,029 ($49/day) • 4 weeks: $1,290 ($43/day) • Max # of people: 2 • All fees in US dollars • Weekly cleaning fee: $30 • One week minimum CONTACT: Evelyne Pouget evelynepouget2@gmail.com
  35. 35. San Miguel is located in the center of Mexico. There are three airports you can fly into: Mexico City, Queretaro, and Leon.