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Wehkamp: Update Your Legacy ATS Now

CEO and Founder of SmartRecruiters and Technical Recruiter for Wehcamp Hayke Tjemmes shares with HR Tech World Amsterdam 2017 how and why you need to update your legacy Automated Tracking System (ATS) now.

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Wehkamp: Update Your Legacy ATS Now

  1. 1. Updating your legacy ATS HR Tech World Amsterdam October 2017 Jerome Ternynck CEO, SmartRecruiters Hayke Tjemmes Technical Recruiter, Wehkamp
  2. 2. Introductions You Are Who You Hire Hayke Tjemmes Tech Recruiter,wehkamp • 10 years Technology and e-Commerce industry • Technology background • Passionate about transformation in resourcing Jerome Ternynck CEO & Founder, SmartRecruiters • 17 years Talent Acquisition technology market • Built and sold ATS company • Recruitment Background • Passionate about Hiring Success
  3. 3. Introducing wehkamp
  4. 4. Founded 1952 First phone based shopping channel in 1984 First e-commerce in Netherlands and 100% online by 2008 450,000 visitors and 200,000 transactions a day 30% of Dutch households buy from wehkamp
  5. 5. wehkamp Talent Acquisition
  6. 6. Industry: e-commerce, buyers - niche skills Employees: 900 employees Hiring: 60 active roles currently HQ: Zwolle, Netherlands Sources: Job boards, LinkedIn, Referrals Previous ATS: Recruitee Powering a leading brand wekamp Talent Acquisition
  7. 7. So why change your existing ATS?
  8. 8. Why Change? 4 Key Reasons for Making the Switch Struggling with low adoption of the recruiting process, hard to gain feedback Interviewer Engagement Built for EU + Multilingual Raising concerns around compliance and wanted to localise further to aid adoption Enhanced IntegrationHad hard time finding a platform that integrated with an older messaging system for scheduling. Struggling to track how many hires, source of hire, conversion and applicant quality. Lack of reporting to support TA team Data-driven recruitment
  9. 9. How did you select the right provider?
  10. 10. Making the selection Decisive, clear requirements 20.7 Initial Contact 25.7 Discovery Call 26.7 First Demo 31.7 Deep Dive 2.8 Selection/Negotiation 4.8 Contract Signed Our experience: • SmartRecruiters were highly responsive • Best aligned to our requirements • Very easy to deal with • Pragmatic negotiation! Our process: • Clearly defined requirements • Long list of 9 vendors • Shortlist of 4 then down to final 2 • Very competitive process • 12 days end to end
  11. 11. How did the implementation go?
  12. 12. Rapid Delivery Agile partnership 4.9 Project Kick Off 12.9 Configuration 26.9 Training 5.10 Go Live Overview: 4 weeks • Delivery partner (Talent Collective) • Pre work concluded • Agile approach, close co-operation • Easy content configuration • Low training requirement Integrations • Single Sign On (SSO) • Interview calendar sync • Entelo candidate search tool • LinkedIn Recruiter • LinkedIn Job posting August Pre Work Next Steps • New API based careers portal • ph-creative partner
  13. 13. Post ‘go live’….hows it going?
  14. 14. wehkamp Hiring Success What benefits do we see already? • Increased adoption – clear expectations • Mobile app for managers • Interview feedback loop – driving up quality Great feedback from the business Improved Integration • Improved scheduling – reduced time • Quick and simple • More seamless, removed black holes • Full visibility of sources and conversion • Built in reporting, relevant and visual • Focused on quality of hire Real Actionable Insights Compliant and Localised • Using multi-lingual job adverts • Enhanced reporting for compliance • Removed GDPR concerns
  15. 15. What learnings can you share?
  16. 16. Key Learnings: ❑ Gather detailed requirements ahead of the project kick off ❑ Keep to your project plan; tackle IT first! ❑ Keep training simple. Should be a short user guide and intuitive. ❑ Make sure you purchase an ATS will scale with your company ❑ Open API and solid integration partners ❑ Take the opportunity to INTEGRATE if at all possible! ❑ but most importantly…. SHOW VALUE and ROI! Making the Switch Best Practices & Recommendations
  17. 17. Thanks for listening! SmartRecruiters – stand 104