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The Last Productivity Hack
You’ll Ever Need
as told by Bitmojis
Do you ever:
1. Spend hours on a task that doesn’t advance your personal or
company goals?
2. Feel overwhelmed by your gro...
Meet Dwight Eisenhower…
Fun Fact:
Dwight D. Eisenhower was the best prioritize-r of all time.
Good news: you can be, too!
The Eisenhower Matrix
Dwight used a matrix of 4 categories to prioritize his tasks and projects:
1. Critical, Do Now
2. Cr...
“So, what’s the difference?”
Critical – How important is the task/project?
Do Now/Do Later – Does it need immediate attent...
Critical and Do Now
If you have too many tasks in this category, you may be in trouble.
These tasks must be dealt with bef...
Critical, but Do Later
These tasks do not present hard deadlines, but will advance your goals,
both professionally and per...
Not Critical, but Do Now…“wait, what?”
It is difficult to understand why task that is not critical should be done now.
Not Critical, Do Later
You may be thinking, “but, things in this quadrant will never get done”.
That’s the point. By putti...
“But, I have 100s of tasks, 1000s actually”
It’s time you learned about the 3 C’s:
Categorize, Categorize, Categorize!
You Need More Than 1 Matrix
1. Create one matrix for each project, goal, or responsibility you have
2. Sort tasks into eac...
Action Items!
Action items are tangible tasks that you can check off one-by-one.
…does a more satisfying feeling exist?
…like Always Knowing What to Work On
Every day, start at the top of Quadrant 1 in your most
critical project.
When you fin...
Actually, it’s even easier than that.
Priority Matrix by Appfluence
Priority Matrix is a task and project management tool based on the
Eisenhower Method of time...
Our Favorite Features:
• Add task notes, and upload files
• Sync due dates to your Calendar; integrate with your e-mail
• ...
Start Your Free Trial, Today!
Click Here for (and free download).
For more productivity tips, check out...
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Actually, it’s even easier than
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Actually, it’s even easier than The Last Productivity Hack You'll Ever Need

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Actually, it’s even easier than that.

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Actually, it’s even easier than that.


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