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World in 60 Seconds (March 15, 2016): Merkel, Iran, Brazil, and more

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Hello from Tokyo... it's the World in 60 Seconds!


Merkel: Is she in trouble after state elections? Yes, she had kind of a horrible weekend, but there’s no one that’s going to challenge her, and even a weak Merkel is stronger than most leaders in Europe. All leaders in Europe.

Iran: Will their missile tests undermine the nuclear deal? No, everybody still wants to do business in Iran, and the inspectors are actually still there. But it’s not making the Americans happy. Sanctions stay on from the US.

Brazil: Will Rousseff finish her term in office? Becoming less likely every day. On balance, at this point, I say no. Especially after those huge demonstrations this weekend.

Turkey: Will terrorism there affect Syria’s peace process? Not really, because Syria’s peace process is not happening either way. We’re so far from that.

Greece: Will they default on their debt? On balance, I’m going to say yes. Eventually, though not soon.

Russia: Is Putin getting what he wants in Syria? Yes, and he’s the only one that is. Mission accomplished – just for the Kremlin.

Japan: Will Abe call a general election for this summer? Will he win? That’s two questions. The answer is yes and yes. There’s no opposition to speak of in Japan right now.


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