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IQ Survival Guide - Google

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Brush up on your Google skills with InterQuest Group's latest Survival Guide.

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IQ Survival Guide - Google

  1. 1. InterQuest Group’s Survival Guide for Googe
  2. 2. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It provides a whole host of services such as Google Plus, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Adwords, but the most used service is definitely the Google Search Engine.
  3. 3. Many people think that the search bar is a simple tool that just does the one thing that you expect of it – search. However, it has many other hidden tricks that you may not know about. Here’s a few of our favourite tips and tricks for using the Google Search bar...
  4. 4. -1-If you want to find all of the links to a certain company, type ‘link’ before the site name. E.G. link:interquest group – This will display a list of links to sites that mention the InterQuest Group page. This is useful when navigating around a company’s online presence; it is quick and thorough, allowing you to swiftly conduct your research.
  5. 5. -2-To find websites and pages that are relevant to the company or topic you searched for, the Google Search Engine can help you do this. Type ‘related’ before the site name. E.G. related:interquest group – This will display a list of websites that are related to InterQuest Group. This tool allows you to quickly conduct research around a company or topic.
  6. 6. -3-When multitasking, let Google’s voice command feature help you. This is available on the search engine by clicking on the microphone in the search bar and talking into it. This is available on both mobile devices and computers that have a microphone. It is useful for those individuals that are constantly multitasking, wanting to make notes and research.
  7. 7. -4-Use Google as an alarm! You can set a timer on Google by typing ‘set timer for’ then entering the desired amount, as shown in the picture. If you have timed exams to practise for or something in the oven that needs a certain amount of cooking time, then it is useful to have this available on Google. Whether you use it on a PC or mobile device.
  8. 8. -5-To look up your IP address, simply type ‘IP address’ into the search bar and you will be shown it. You often need your IP address to run certain software on your computer, so it is always handy to know where you can find it and quickly.
  9. 9. There are also lots of ‘fun’ things that Google can do, when you find yourself with a spare minute. Such as...
  10. 10. -1-Tilt – by typing “tilt” into the search bar, the webpage will physically tilt.
  11. 11. -2-Do a barrel roll – Typing “do a barrel roll” into the Google search bar will make the entire page ‘roll’.
  12. 12. -3-Typing “Atari breakout” into the Google Images search bar will bring up the Atari Breakout game.
  13. 13. We strongly promote responsible use of Google Search... but we understand that sometimes these fun tips are necessary when boredom strikes. Good luck and have fun finding new and innovative services that the Google Search bar offers.
  14. 14. For more tips on professional development and to see all of our latest opportunities, connect with the InterQuest Group.
  15. 15. go to -
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Brush up on your Google skills with InterQuest Group's latest Survival Guide.


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