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Quem é o pai do dia dos pais?
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Presentation Buzzmonitor

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Buzzmonitor introduction.

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Presentation Buzzmonitor

  1. 1. BUZZMONITOR March/2015
  2. 2. 2004 2007 2013 E.Life Group
  3. 3. E.Life Group | Where we are México São Paulo Recife Adelaide Lisboa Madrid Frankfurt
  4. 4. And over 40 agencies all around Brazil. Who uses Buzzmonitor
  5. 5. What is Buzzmonitor LISTENING Monitor your brand on social media platforms. Use our exclusive Report Engine to produce customised reports for your projects. SOCIAL ANALYTICS Carry out comparative analyses for your brand and it’s competitors on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. SOCIAL CRM Answer your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, classify conversations and produce reports about those interactions. SOCIAL BIG DATA Gain access to user post history and discover how many brands they have mentioned on social media. Perform retroactive searches on Twitter since 2006.
  6. 6. Listening One of the key points of social media monitoring are the reports, which in other tools are fixed, but in Buzzmonitor can be customized. By cross referencing different metrics, including your own, it’s possible to create thousands of reports, which can be edited according to your needs. In short: the more creative you are, the more reports your social media project will have, with no the need spreadsheets or Excel formulas. Social Media platforms involved ( + thousands of news sites and forums)
  7. 7. Listening | Graphics Besides typography (Pie Chart, Vertical Columns, Horizontal Columns and Lines), you can choose more than 16 types of groupings, which means you can create dozens of other combinations using tag, terms, feelings, gender, check-in, etc.
  8. 8. New Dimension Besides allowing you to visualise the number of posts on the reports, you will also be visualise your monitoring through a new lens: Unique Users. Colour of graphics Buzzmonitor allows the user edit graphs with a colour palette of choice, enabling brands to maintain their visual identity. Listening | Exclusive features
  9. 9. Personalise unlimited dashboards and share them with your clients and your networks of interest: Listening | Dashboards Real Time
  10. 10. Social Analytics Social Analytics is the best way to analyse your page’s performance and compare it to it’s competitors. It’s a vital tool for optimising, directing and maximising your entire online communications and creating a social media perfomance map for any market. Monitored Social Media platforms:
  11. 11. Social Analytics | Facebook Pages Performance 13 metrics, includinf Summary, that allow you to historically measure your page’s performance on Facebook and compare it to competitors or any other brands you register on Buzzmonitor. E-book: 12 essential metrics for managing your brand’s presence on Facebook.
  12. 12. Social Analytics | Buzzmonitor Youtube Analytics With the widespread use of video as a means for disseminating content, we developed 10 metrics for measuring your chennel and it’s competitors perfomance. Buzzmonitor Yourtube Analytics is the only one of it’s kind in Latin America. E-book: 10 metrics for measuring the success of your Youtube channel.
  13. 13. Social Analytics | Twitter Performance One of the biggest social media networks in Brazil, Twitter has become a key feature of digital marketing campaigns, advertising and real-time compaigns. Our Social Analytics allows you to extract Top Retweets from all your monitored brands.
  14. 14. Social CRM The Social CRM module is all a social media analyst will need in order to manage her brands and provide customer service to clients without having to leave Buzzmonitor and whilst extracting metrics on the quality of the service provided. Not to mention the real time Customer Service Dashboards. E-book: Strategic Social CRM. Synchronized Social Media platforms:
  15. 15. Social CRM | Extra Functionalities Ticket: Enables all members of staff, even those who are not directly in charge, to answer posts and private messages from clients on social media platforms, after the analyst’s approval. Response time: When a post’s visualisation is boosted by being answered to via Buzzmonitor, an icon of a clock will display the time passed from when the post was first published until the interaction took place on social media. FAQ: Configure automatic responses to frequently asked questions and speed up your customer service.
  16. 16. Social CRM | Tickets report Tickets reports Besides sending tickets, this function enables you to generate a report that shows the number of interventions sent to other users through Buzzmonitor, as well as verifying the duration and quantity of interventions that were answered and sent to social media platforms.
  17. 17. Social Big Data Deep Profile: With a warehouse of more than 1 billion posts and 55 million unique users, Buzzmonitor enables you to have access to the history of user mentions on Twitter. Author History: Find out if there is a history of mentions by your consumer about other brands and develop plans for up or cross-selling, besides strategies for personalised customer service. E-book: 3 pratical applications of Social Big Data. Paper: The construction of Consumer Panels on Twitter.
  18. 18. + Functionalities Unique users per metric: Each report shows the amount of unique users captured by monitoring. Alerts: Configure e-mail alerts and notifications when someone mentions your terms of interest. Facebook groups: Monitor open and closed groups with the Buzzmonitor Consumer Panel function, available only to corporate clients.
  19. 19. Fernando Panveloski +55 11 2339-4928 ramal 38 +55 11 98964-0833
  • rfnegreiros

    Sep. 30, 2015

Buzzmonitor introduction. Sign Up Free:


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