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Are You Introverted, Shy, Anxious, Or Passive? How To Tell The Difference



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Do you know the difference between introvert, shyness, passive behavior, and social anxiety?

Introverts get energy from time alone while extroverts get energy in social activities. There are many exceptional introverted leaders such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zucherberg.

Shy people avoid eye contact, feel nervous, and awkward in social events. They magnify their fear of negative judgement from others. They feel anxious and avoid some social situations but are still able to have a functioning and happy life.

Social Anxiety
People with social anxiety may not take a promotion because they can’t handle the attention in the meetings. Social anxiety is an extreme version of shyness that affects people’s life because it causes people to withdraw from several situations.

Passive Behavior
Passive behavior may be saying yes when you mean no, not asking for a promotion when you want it, or not giving negative feedback to an employee. Passive’s don’t express their needs, desires, and rights. They give away their power. It is often associated with people pleasing, being submissive, co-dependency, or even being “nice.”

What Do You Need?
You can end social anxiety, be less shy, and be more assertive. That way you’ll be less crippled socially, find your personal freedom, have more joy, and feel more in control.

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Are You Introverted, Shy, Anxious, Or Passive? How To Tell The Difference

  1. 1. Are You: Shy? Passive? Introverted? Socially Anxious? How To Tell
  2. 2. Should You… Can You… Is It Worth It to… Overcome It? Find Out! Shy? Introverted? Socially Anxious? Passive?
  3. 3. In This Presentation… • Are You Introverted, Shy, Passive, Or Socially Anxious? Find Out The Difference • What Does It Feel To Overcome Those Characteristics? • Can You Be Mellow, Soft-Spoken, And Assertive? And a Great Example of It • Can You Be A Great Shy Leader? 3 Major Challenges Faced • Can You Be An Introverted Leader? 11 Examples • Do Others Describe You With Any Of These Words? It May Signal You Act Passively • Can You Be A Great Passive Leader? 6 Major Challenges Faced CLICK HERE For Full Article + Video
  4. 4. I’m shy, but I’m not clinically shy. I don’t have social anxiety disorder or anything like that. Like, I have a little trouble mingling at parties. Samantha Bee
  5. 5. Are You Introverted, Shy, Passive, Or Anxious? Here’s The Difference Introvert Socially Anxious Shy Passive You get your energy from being alone You are afraid of speaking up, saying no, and you people please You’re so afraid of social judgment you avoid most social situations You’re afraid of social judgement but you confront it anyways
  6. 6. What Does It Feel To Overcome These? Liberating, Joyful, and In Control Shyness Socially Anxiety Passivity From victim to confident and in control From worried to joyful From crippled to liberated
  7. 7. Can You Be Mellow, Soft-Spoken, And Assertive? YES! Take For Example, the Dalai Lama Dalai Lama Independent thinker Speaks up for his message Committed to his vision Ambitious Has conviction Calm Reserved Mellow Soft-spoken Compassionate Kind
  8. 8. Be soft-spoken as long as you have a roaring voice inside. Assertive Way
  9. 9. Can You Be A Great Shy Leader? Here Are 3 Major Challenges Shy Leaders Face Protection Buy In Confidence Getting buy in for resources, projects, & team promotions Protecting the team from external threats & overwork Inspiring confidence in their teams
  10. 10. Can You Be An Introverted Leader? YES! Here Are 11 Exceptional Introverted Leaders Warren Buffet Mahatma Gandhi Bill Gates Rosa Parks Albert Einstein Mark Zuckerberg Guy Kawasaki Abraham Lincoln Elon Musk Eleanor Roosevelt Al Gore
  11. 11. Introversion is not a flaw. Introversion is inner power that ignites your flame. Assertive Way
  12. 12. Do Others Describe You With Any Of These Words? These Expressions May Signal You Act Passively “Nice” Obedient Submissive Doormat People-Pleaser Soft-Spoken Shy Selfless Hesitant
  13. 13. Can You Be A Great Passive Leader? Here Are 6 Challenges Passive Leaders Face Feedback Buy In Protection Morale Respect Resources Hard to protect your team from toxic behavior from others Hard to give your team the honest feedback they need to develop Hard to get others to support your vision Hard to get your team resources they need to do their work well Hard to keep morale high if negative behavior isn’t dealt with promptly Hard to earn the team’s respect
  14. 14. Leaders find the courage to speak up for their vision, their beliefs, and their people. Assertive Way
  15. 15. Summary • Introversion is about your energy. Shyness is fear of people’s judgement. Social anxiety is extreme shy. Passive is not speaking up for what you need, want, and believe. • Overcoming social anxiety is liberating, overcoming shyness is joyful; overcoming passivity gives you control. • You can be mellow, soft-spoken, and assertive like the Dalai Lama. • Shy leaders may struggle to get buy In, inspire confidence in others, and protect their people. • Introverted leaders can be exceptional like Warren Buffet, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Rosa Parks. • Passive leaders may struggle to protect others, give constructive feedback, maintain team morale, secure resources, earn respect, and get buy in. • If people describe you as nice, people-pleaser, obedient, doormat, hesitant, shy, selfless, submissive, then you may act passively. CLICK HERE For Full Article + Video
  16. 16. Want More? Elevate your Career by Learning How To Communicate Anything With Confidence! Full Article & Video on this Topic HERE Guide 7 Steps To Say No Nicely HERE Assertiveness Skills Free Course HERE Article & Video
  17. 17. The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid. Lady Bird Johnson
  18. 18. ü Be A Better Communicator ü Gain Confidence At Work ü Get Recognized And Appreciated ü Speak Up Nicely